The Lady Gaga Look Book 2011


Lady Gaga had been quiet following her last tour, possibly hunkering down in her fashion bunker with piles of latex, makeup, fabric swatches, and zoology books, planning her next move. And then, in early 2011, she finally emerged, ready to hype her new album Born This Way with an endless array of new eye-popping/squinting looks. Ever since she first appeared in her dazzling plastic egg at the Grammys, we have been recording all of her getups for the second of our celebrations of her many contributions to the world of absurdist fashion. Click through for the entire slideshow, featuring Wicked Queens, leopard catsuits, and Elizabethan ruff collars, along with all the looks from her latest "Judas" video and various magazine shoots. And keep checking back; we'll be updating the Look Book every time she shows up with a brand new costume/outfit.

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