Lady Gaga Mulling a Christmas Album


British Renaissance man Stephen Fry met with Lady Gaga, a singer he's a big fan of. "I do not write newspaper profile pieces for a living and Lady Gaga is currently the only person about whom I would do such a thing," he explains, in today's Financial Times. "With the exception that is, of Steve Jobs, whom I interviewed last year for Time magazine. I am not claiming that Lady Gaga and Steve Jobs are the most important figures in the world and that everyone else can go hang, it is just that … well, some people light your fire in a very special way and I am past the age of caring how good or bad that might look in the eyes of the world." Wow. Ballsy. In any case, Gaga told him she might put out a Christmas album. (Or, more likely, an interfaith album. C'mon.) "I thought it would be really sweet to do a Christmas release of Gaga and the jazz standards," she said. "I really want to do it. I've spoken to my manager." Fry comes away from his encounter digging Gaga more than ever: "I don’t know what I expected from this global phenomenon, but it wasn’t the endearing mixture of warmth, wit, intelligence and larky self-knowledge that I found." Unstoppable, this one. [FT via NME]