Lady Gaga Will Make ‘Edge of Glory’ Her Official Third Single


When Lady Gaga released the song "Edge of Glory" this week — suspiciously hot on the heels of her second single, "Judas," which was struggling on the charts — the official word was that "Glory" and next week's "Hair" were simply promotional singles and not meant to be sent to radio. However, encouraged by the positive reaction to the song (such is the power of the sax solo), Team Gaga has decided that "Glory" will be the official third single after all, replacing the song once tentatively intended for that slot, "Marry the Night." Gaga recently hedged on the third single when she told "The Skorpion Show" that she wanted fans to choose it themselves after her album drops, and it looks like listeners did get that unwitting privilege after all — albeit a little early. [Gaga Daily]