Laugh Like Your Great-Grandparents With The Library Of Congress’ National Jukebox


In case you’ve ever wondered what your great-grand Memaw and Pepaw were laughing at during the box social (or smiling awkwardly at while their friends played it ad naseum), the Library of Congress’ National Jukebox is your new old-timey Pandora. The Jukebox features 188 audio comedy sketches and counting from the early 1900s, and boy did you have to be there! Certain bits like “Casey at the bat” are timeless for a reason; others require a wealth of pop culture that hinges largely on a knowledge of box cars, though I will throw down for Nat M. Wills’ “A father of 36.” Wordplay! Twenty-three skedon’t listen to any of the minstrel show audios unless you’re ready to get your cringe on.