Left Handed Radio: ‘Hungry for Suspense’


On this episode: a gum that can give you ultimate flavor sensations, working at the Fashion Bug returns counter can make a gal sassy, the marketing integration seminar will be held on no floor at all, Greg needs a character witness, a bathroom attendant offers up more than a towel, some authors will blurb anything, Taylor’s wifi is incredibly secure, the “S” in “PSA” stands for “Street”, and the term “doom brood” is defined for the court.

This month’s show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Taylor Moore, and Anna Rubanova, with special guest appearence by Brandon Scott Jones

All original music by Dan Warren. Check out his podcast, The International House of Dancakes.

Listen now: Left Handed Radio - Episode 6 - Hungry for Suspense