Lindsay Lohan Swam Around in a Video, for Art


It's been a little while since we've seen Lindsay Lohan in a talkie, since her legal troubles have derailed most long-term film commitments, leaving her mostly to vamp in slo-mo on YouTube. Her newest project is no different, though the auspices certainly are: Lohan appears in "Lindsay Lohan," a 90-second short by painter Richard Phillips that will show at the Gagosian Gallery in June. Again, she doesn't get any lines (though she does swim and gaze at the camera, mouth parted just so), but maybe she's better off letting the filmmaker speak for her: "What fascinates me about Lindsay are not her problems but the way she embodies an eminence on the level of a Bardot or an Ullmann," says Phillips. [T/NYT via Movieline]