Lost’s Official Mourning Period Is Over


Today marks a full year since Lost ended, but if that magical, occasionally infuriating island feels far away, fret not: It'll basically be back next season, in patchwork form. Once Upon A Time may seem like it's about a fairy tale, but it also features the Lost-inspired flash sideways.The River doesn't premiere until midseason, but it features a scrappy-looking group breaking into a decrepit, seemingly abandoned hatch of sorts, only to be chased by a mysterious growling invisible monster. A Gifted Man is about a troubled surgeon who's literally haunted by someone he used to love but could never quite figure out. The Ringer centers on a beautiful woman with a dark past who assumes a new identity when she goes on the run. Alcatraz is straight-up about an Island That Contains Mysteries (plus it co-stars Jorge Garcia). Terra Nova has lush jungle and a demarcated area past which things become dangerous; listen to the grizzled older fellow with the weaponry skills, won't you? The J.J. Abrams–produced Person of Interest includes not only Michael Emerson saying "I've been watching you for a long time" but also a scraggly Beard of Despair that indicates to the viewers that the character sporting it has fallen into a dark depression of self-neglect. "We have to go back!," said TV executives.