Making Love To Tom Sharpling’s The Best Show


As New York Mag makes clear, people are real into Tom Sharpling’s “The Best Show” on WFMU. Deeply, sensually, covered-in-an-irritating-layer-of-sand into it. “People who like The Best Show don’t just like it. They want to turn it into a woman and make love to it on a beach on some weird magical island,” explains Aziz Ansari. In addition to the mad love Sharpling receives for the show’s mix of character sketches with Jon Wurster, comedian interviews and irate rants, he also has two Comedy Central series in development and a growing collection of music videos, having directed the spot for the New Pornographers “Moves.” Says John Hodgman, “When I first listened to the show. I imagined Tom as an extremely angry bald man of about 55 and that he’d gotten angrier and angrier as years went by. It’s very endearing.” And suddenly there you are again, rolling around on top of a pile of horseshoe crabs on a crystalline beach on the moon.