New Green Lantern Trailer: A Superhero Who Can Make His Own Special Effects


The Green Lantern's power, as explained in this new trailer, is that his magic ring gives him the ability to create anything he can imagine. (A machine gun? A sword? No problem!) Films these days can create just about anything a director imagines, too, but while the Lanterns have no lag time when whipping something up out of thin air, Green Lantern director Martin Campbell has spent almost a year working on the film's special effects, which required a last-minute cash infusion from Warner Bros. And so it is that finally the film's extensive CG work is complete enough to get the big marketing push; though the first trailer was heavy on the film's earthbound antics and love interest Blake Lively, now we've got space opera, aliens, and the first sustained glimpse at huge-headed villain Peter Sarsgaard. It immediately announces Green Lantern as one of the summer's most serious spectacles, but will it be enough to rake in the kind of green WB is surely hoping for?