Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator Wrote a Song About a Cat From the Internet

Odd Future during SXSW 2011 - March 17, 2011. Photo: Brook Bobbins/Staff or Contracted

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for Goblin, Tyler, the Creator's sophomore album, out May 10: It's the first retail release from the Odd Future crew; it's being distributed by esteemed British label XL (M.I.A., The xx, Vampire Weekend), which hopefully speaks to its quality; it features "Yonkers," one of the the greatest Westchester County–referencing rap songs of all time. Well, here's one more reason to get psyched: Tyler's new song, "Tron Cat" (as in, one assumes, although it's never made explicitly clear, Tron Cat), is here, and it's ruthless. Sticking to the "Yonkers" template, Tyler says progressively more horrifying things — about unseemly threesomes and dismemberment and trading children for angel dust — over a lumbering haunted-house beat. But considering the breadth of taboo subjects and activities already broached and endorsed by OFWGKTA, is Tyler still able to out-offend himself? Yes, yes he is! More fun, though, are the bits where Tyler's not so much trying to piss people off as he is tweaking his own manic public image, quietly letting it be known that he's in on the joke. Good: "This the type of shit that make children break in apartments." Better: "I'm awesome / and I fuck dolphins."