Oprah and James Frey Discuss His Ambush, Her God Complex


With her final season winding down, Oprah Winfrey had James Frey on her show today (and he'll appear again tomorrow) to rehash the 2006 controversy when Frey admitted that he had made up large swaths of his memoir A Million Little Pieces. At that time, Winfrey was clearly enraged with Frey for duping her into a Book Club selection, and spent an hour slowly raking him over the coals. Today, though, Winfrey was more penitent, albeit no less serious. She told Frey that the day after her revenge show aired, she heard from author and friend Marianne Williamson, who pointedly asked Oprah, "Who do you think you are? Do you think you're God?" (Ballsy!) Winfrey insisted that she doesn't -- it's why she can't save your soap operas, foolish humans -- but she was curious how Frey felt about the show. The answer: Eh, it was kinda bad, but also good. Watch for yourself.