Osama Bin Laden Loves The IT Crowd, or How a To Spin a Twitter Rumor Out of Control


In “Me and Osama,” creator of The IT Crowd Graham Linehan details at length how his off-hand Twitter joke about Osama bin Laden being a fan of his British sitcom spiraled out of control until news sources were reporting that bin Laden was laughing at Chris O’Dowd’s lovable slacker, Tivo in hand, while the Navy SEALS raided his compound. Oh, don’t get Linehan wrong: it was him, personally, who pushed his joke into full-blown Internet prank. Linehan cited articles that were then mysteriously removed, enlisted friends to plant corroborating evidence, and even claimed that the authorities sent him a tape of the world’s most wanted terrorist chortling away, only for Linehan to see that Osama was actually watching…well, I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say multi-camera sitcoms might be the only thing bin Laden appreciated about The Great Satan.