Party Lines Slideshow: Christine Taylor, Ben Stiller, Noah Baumbach, and More at a Screening of Submarine


At a screening of Submarine earlier this week, we asked Christine Taylor what's up with the Zoolander sequel. Will it ever happen? "They're really trying to make it happen and get everybody onboard for it," she told us. "I feel like nobody wants to make it more than Ben [Stiller], so he's driven. I hope it happens. I can't really say much about whether I'll be in it because I am sworn to secrecy on the script. There might be a pivotal role for Matilda or she might just be MIA. I don't know." So what can she tell us, with certainty, she is working on? "A little independent movie by John Kasden that's just shooting in L.A. right now," she says. "Then there's just the mom stuff and being a support to this guy," she says. This guy, of course, is her husband, Ben Stiller. He's one of the producers of Submarine, Richard Ayoade's film about a 15-year-old who is determined to lose his virginity and save his parents' marriage. For quotes from celebrities on coming of age and more, click through our slideshow.