Party Lines Slideshow: James van der Beek, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and More at a Screening of The Hangover Part II


The Hangover Part II is all about blacking out in Bangkok, so when we caught up with James van der Beek at a screening of the movie hosted by the Cinema Society this week, we asked if he could recall any wild nights in the Thailand capital himself (he shot Formosa Betrayed there). “It’s a very crazy city,” he told us. “I shot there for five weeks, so the insanity, the heat … I had nights like that, yeah. Thank God I got home, is all I got to say.” As for what’s going on with his upcoming ABC sitcom, Apartment 23, in which he plays a satirical version of himself, he said, “I think it’s going to be midseason. You know, what’s funny, we just looked at my basic résumé, and made up this character, and kind of went with it. It’s a possible version of what an actor like me could be like. In the show I can be more of an asshole, douchier; I can be whatever we want. I basically said, ‘Don’t be afraid of offending me, let’s just create whatever’s funny.’ We get to do Dawson’s Creek jokes.” Look out, Paula Cole! For quotes from celebs on The Hangover, hangovers, and more, click through our slideshow.