Taylor Swift’s Other John Mayer Song Gets a Video


"Dear John" was Taylor Swift's obvious ode to John Mayer from Speak Now, but "The Story of Us," the album's latest single, is apparently also about John John. (Swift says: "I was at an awards show, and there was a guy there, obviously — it all starts there, doesn't it?" Oh, girl, the awkward awards-show stories we could swap!) Sadly, though, for the the song's new music video, Taylor refrained from going literal: Instead of a Mayer look-alike making creepy eyes at our hero, it's a nerdier, more age-appropriate fellow acting out the jam's post-breakup narrative. An opportunity missed, sure, but it's okay because also on hand are: lots of shots of Swift in the back of a library, dancing aggressively with the wall while doing that thing where you smush your face with your hands in anguish; lots of shots of Swift's drummer, who may or may not be the front man from Vertical Horizon; and one shot of Swift where it kind of looks like she mouths the words "oh shit" before ducking her head into a book. Where did you learn that kind of language, young lady? Did John Mayer teach it to you?!