Rebecca Black Is Beginning to Realize That ‘Friday’ Will Forever Remain on the Internet


Rebecca Black, the Internet sensation, hosted the after-party for the MTV O Music Awards this weekend. MTV interviewed Black before the party, and the singer-slash-meme still seems surprisingly charismatic, possessing a strange and admirable ability to let criticism roll off her back. She is, however, kind of sick of "Friday" at this point. "Every time someone says 'Friday,' it gets stuck in my head," Black explained. "It gets irritating. I mean, like, it's my song, and I like the song. But I hear 'Friday' all the time. Get out of my head!" Now, she's not saying she's slowly realizing that a song intended to be a fun and expensive gift from her parents has turned into a phenomenon that will haunt her for years to come, but here's her advice for future YouTube singers: "Don't expect that no one will see it. What you put online is going to be there forever. So, uhh, make good choices." [Giggles and sighs.] [Buzzworthy/MTV]