Ron Swanson’s Dangerous Claymore


Here’s Parks and Rec showrunner Michael Schur on an idea for an episode about Ron Swanson they’ve been kicking around for a while: “In Ron, I think my favorite one that we’ve never done, and who knows, we might someday, but I can still say it, is Ron has a, on his desk, has a Claymore landmine that is resting on a stand on his desk. And the front of it says point towards enemy and it’s pointed right towards his door. And we have always talked about — and Norm, a writer on the show, pitched one year that they come into the office in the morning and the mine wasn’t completely defused and blew up, and just blew a giant hole in the wall of his office. And no one was hurt obviously, but that one has been lingering around for a while, that the Claymore land mine would actually blow up overnight and cause Ron to be suspended or something.”