Salvation Boulevard Trailer: Pierce Brosnan Is the Anointed Servant of God


Here is a trailer for a movie you may not have been previously aware of, but will now possibly want to check out: Salvation Boulevard, a Sundance-featured comedy about a Deadhead turned Christian (Greg Kinnear) who goes on the lam after witnessing the pastor of his megachurch (Pierce Brosnan) possibly accidentally shoot nonbeliever Ed Harris. (Also on hand here: Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei, Jim Gaffigan, Ciaran Hinds ... ) It's a particularly zany two minutes, with street protests, car crashes, fistfights, breast tattoos, explosions, masked hijackings, guns, abstract art, and Brosnan yelling things like, "I am the anointed servant of God," so it's even more surprising that an animated Connelly sort of steals the show. The best part — Brosnan: "The incident has sent Carl into a very dark place. Tell me, did he have any family history ... " Connelly: "Like, genealogy?"