Simpsons Fans Decide Fate of Ned/Edna Romance, Skinner Sobs Quietly In His Car


Don’t blame me; I voted for No Nedna. Following the season finale on Sunday, fans can vote online for the fate of The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders/Edna Krabappel romance for the show’s next season. Sure, we’ve all been rooting for everyone’s favorite spinster elementary teacher as she burns through Springfield’s eligible bachelors (Moe, Sideshow Bob, a photo of Gordie Howe). And seeing as how Flanders has probably resorted born-again virginity, maybe she’s the only woman for the job. But I will be damned if I give up on the idea of Edna and Seymour together forever. I will be damned of one of their babies doesn’t look at me in the goddamn face.