Sleigh Bells Working On ‘Emotionally Heavy’ New Album


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells said they're planning to release a new record around early 2012. "We're not looking to take a lot of time off," Alexis Krauss explained "We want to make it and share it asap." The new stuff might be more weighty than the old stuff, however. "It differs from Treats in that it's an emotionally heavy record," Derek Miller said. "I don't think there's a detachment with Treats, but some of it's just party music. Like, 'Just dance, don't think about it.' That's definitely not the case with this one." The sound will be cleaned up, too. "We're not going to start where we had to start in the beginning," Krauss said. "We're going to have a proper studio, which is going to change the sound. But it's still a punch in the face." [RS via Pitchfork]