It’s Possible There Will Be a Something Borrowed Sequel


The producer of Something Borrowed, the poorly reviewed Ginnifer Goodwin–Kate Hudson wedding comedy that came in fourth at the box office this past weekend, is guardedly optimistic that there will be a follow-up, telling Movieline, "It’s still a little early to make an official call on the sequel, but we’re still very hopeful." Something Borrowed is based on the Emily Giffin chick-lit book of the same title, and there's a sequel to that — the novel Something Blue — so a second film has always been a possibility. (Something Borrowed even ends with a "To Be Continued" title card.) If the movie were to get made, it would star Kate Hudson's character Darcy, the villain of Something Borrowed, as she moves to London, gets into a complicated relationship with Ethan (the character played by John Krasinski), and eventually becomes a less hateful person. The producer describes it as a “sort of a When Harry Met Sally in London,” because the Hudson and Krasinski characters have known each other forever, and initially don't like each other much, but we fear this is a bit of a burdensome oversell. Should Something Blue be green-lit, the producer might consider selling it as a Kate Hudson romantic comedy co-starring John Krasinski, not Matthew McConaughey. [Movieline]