Sorry, Hayden Christensen, You Did Not Come Up With the Concept for the USA Show Royal Pains


Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove have lost their lawsuit against the USA Network, which they claim ripped off their original idea for the show Royal Pains. The Christensen Bros. version, called Housecall, also focused on a doctor who makes house calls for fancy people and was pitched to the network in 2005, where an executive allegedly called it a "fascinating idea." The presiding judge didn't feel like there was enough to justify a breach-of-contract claim, however, and the case has been dismissed. Don't worry, friends: This is surely only step one of Hayden's plan to radically transform his public image in the eyes of the uninformed from "that dude who was in the crappy Star Wars" to "that dude who created that awesome USA show." [NYP]