Straw Dogs Trailer: Alexander Skarsgard Needs James Marsden to Man Up


How about another trailer for a remake about a sexually attractive but dangerous psychopath? This one, though, is quite a bit more complicated than today's Fright Night teaser: It's Rod Lurie's remake of the Sam Peckinpah classic Straw Dogs, a movie whose uneasy commentary on masculinity and sex would be just as controversial today. Perhaps that's why Lurie wanted to update it, but this trailer leans more on conventional thriller menace, turning the story -- about an innocuous wimp (James Marsden, who's much more built and Hollywood handsome than his predecessor Dustin Hoffman) who learns to grow a pair when a redneck (Alexander Skarsgard) threatens his conflicted wife (Kate Bosworth) -- into what appears to be a more sexually charged take on The Strangers. To be fair, a movie with an ambiguous sexual assault at its center is by no means an easy movie to sell to audiences -- but then again, it may not have proved that easy to remake, either. [Coming Soon]