Survivor’s Russell Hantz Gets a House-Flipping Show


Russell Hantz, a Survivor contestant so vile his own team threw a challenge in an attempt to get rid of him, is getting his own show about house-flipping. A&E announced today that it has green-lit Flipped, in which Hantz will buy homes in the Houston region, and attempt to renovate and resell them for a profit. A&E already airs Flip This House, plus there's Flip That House, Property Ladder, Flipping Out, and The Real Deal, which all operate under similar premises. Yes, if there's anyone who can revive Houston's economy, as Hantz vows to do in the press release, it's a three-time Survivor contestant who once lied about being a victim of Hurricane Katrina, and his apparent devotion to the fiscally and socially questionable practice of real-estate flipping.