The Hangover Part III Is a Go


It’s not too surprising, seeing as The Hangover Part II became the fastest-grossing live-action comedy ever over the weekend, but the wheels have begun turning for the inevitable third Hangover movie already. Screenwriter Craig Mazin, who co-wrote Part II with Scot Armstrong and Todd Philips, is signed on to write so far, although I’m sure he won’t be alone.

OK, so Philips has said that he plans to have the third movie be a big departure from the plots of the first two, which were nearly identical. Any guesses as to what will happen? Maybe Alan will get engaged to a stuffed animal and the boys head into a fully animated fantasy world in order to rescue Alan’s future father-in-law from the clutches of Evil Lord Cuddlebugs/have a sick bachelor party? Or maybe they will just go to Dubai. Either way, it will make lots of money!