The Ladies Of Ass Backward Beseech You


Casey Wilson and comedy partner June Diane Raphael need you to give their asses some money. The comedy duo of SNL alum Wilson and Year One’s Raphael are mere shooting days away from finishing their indie comedy Ass Backwards, which has been floating around Movie Limbo since their funding dried up five years ago. The film stars Wilson and Raphael as delusional New Yorkers Kate and Chloe, who travel back to their hometown to win the beauty pageant that bested them in their youth. In addition to the film sounding a little Romy And Michelle, a little Ab Fab and a lot amazing, Ass Backwards offers some excellent perks to anyone willing to shell out the cash to get them filming again: an autograph from Paul Scheer, a voicemail from Bobby Bottleservice, or executive producing credit. So get your ass over to Kickstarter and pledge them your nickels. You know you’ve always wanted to be a producer.