The Adventures of Tintin Trailer: Highly Animated


First they released the stills, then the posters — and now here's the first teaser trailer from Steven Spielberg's 3-D motion-capture adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin. For now, you can forget all about plotting and pace and level of faithfulness in the character adaptations, and focus on the one important question: How's the animation look?! As the Playlist points out, motion capture is a dangerous game: Robert Zemeckis, the most prominent proponent, had some success before Mars Needs Moms' epic flop cast an ignominious shadow on his MoCap adventures; on the other hand, James Cameron was probably able to purchase his own chain of chocolate factories just off Avatar's box-office gross in the south of Luxembourg alone. Assuming Spielberg and his team are still working out all the kinks, it makes sense that this teaser is cut fast and doesn't feature any scenes where you can see characters speak (it's all voice-over). And the end result, for the most part — specifically the ship hallway, and that bit where Tintin knocks some dude out — are promising. But, please, feel free to emphatically disagree!