The Descendants Trailer: George Clooney Gets Nearly Widowed, Definitely Cuckolded


Back when Alexander Payne made Sideways in 2004, George Clooney was angling for the part that eventually went to Thomas Haden Church. Why did Payne turn down one of the world's biggest movie stars? Because, as he explained to Clooney at the time, it was hard for him to buy that a handsome, famous A-lister could play such a loser. Somewhere along the way in the seven years since Payne has made a film, he apparently softened his stance, because the trailer just came out for his upcoming movie The Descendants, and Clooney is definitely reveling in his newly bestowed loserdom. The actor plays a distant man who must take care of his angry daughters after his wife ends up in the hospital, a development that also exposes her extramarital affair (he is not having a very good month, you could say). Looks good and decidedly dramatic ... as long as it doesn't end in any stilted yearbook signatures, we're in! [Coming Soon]