The Fug Girls Compare the Office Drones’ Style Sense, Then and Now


Steve Carell left The Office at exactly the right time: The show, slated to come back for another year, has already shifted from being The Michael Scott Buffoonery Hour to a true ensemble piece full of three-dimensional people … and Creed (but we wouldn't have him any other way). And as we move forward into the Carell-less void with them, it seems only fitting to look back at how far they've come, not just emotionally, but also physically and sartorially. Remember Jim's boyish bangs? Kevin's cranial tuft? That time they had to blur Meredith's boob and crotch? Good times. We've culled shots of them from season one and today, and the comparison will show you just how much our depressed little desk jockeys have grown up. We can only imagine what they'll become next. Hopefully, it won't involve any of Meredith's other erogenous zones.