The Future Trailer: Miranda July Adopts a Stray Cat, Then Strays Herself


In The Future, Miranda July has 30 days before she begins the rest of her life. Committed to adopting a stray cat with her boyfriend, played by Hamish Linklater, she realizes that when that cat is released from the vet after a month of shots and vaccinations, both of their lives will be upended — and then, in a desperate attempt to cram in all the living they can while they're still free of pet-owning responsibility, both July and Linklater do a good job of messing up their lives all on their own. We've already brought you our praise for the movie and a first look at its poster, and now's your chance to sneak a peek at the movie's trailer, which does a great job of distilling The Future's deceptive tonal shift from too-cute to bone-deep. Even those allergic to both cats and July's particular brand of whimsy may find something to like. [Playlist/Indiewire]