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This Is the Trailer for The Muppets ... Or Is It?

If you went to the movies this past weekend, you might have seen the trailer for a little romantic comedy called Green With Envy, featuring Amy Adams, Jason Segel, and a few unexpected co-stars. That's because the satirically mushy clip is actually a backdoor trailer for The Muppets, which really does star Adams and Segel as lovey-dovey humans who get involved with the furry felt creatures. Yes, the Muppets have learned a little something about the Internet over the past few years, and the first trailer for their big comeback is a precociously savvy two-in-one: half teaser, half viral-marketing campaign (which comes complete with its own suggested Twitter hashtag at the end of the trailer). And yet, for all that new-school cool, the movie looks like a throwback to the classic Muppet capers of yesteryear, complete with songs, pig-on-frog romance, and crowd scenes comprised of virtually every Muppet ever. (And yes, that means your two most favorite Muppets — Beaker and the Swedish Chef — are included. What more do you need?)