The Rapture Picks the Perfect Time to Announce a New Album


Why has it taken the Rapture five years to follow up Pieces of the People We Love? Maybe because they were waiting for this exact scenario: With Harold Camping's doomsday prophecy gone unfulfilled, people are extra hungry for any kind of Rapture action they can get. (Or, you know, this whole thing is completely coincidental.) Anyway, says the band in a Facebook message: "Just wanted to let you all know that we have another album coming out! The album will be coming out September 5th in the UK and September 6th in the US and rest of the world. It is called In The Grace Of Your Love. We recorded it last year with great producer and great friend Zdar in Brooklyn and Paris. Stay tuned for tour dates, tracklisting and a bunch more updates and info. Love, The Rapture." And, again, just so there's no confusion: That's the band the Rapture, not the apocalypse the rapture. [Facebook via Prefix]