The Real Housewives of New York Might Just Start From Scratch


At long last, Bravo may fire the entire Real Housewives of New York City ensemble and recast the series with all new women, according to Sunday's New York Post. "They want rich, rich women, dripping in glamour and $10 million penthouses," the paper reports. Years from now, the scholars will debate: When did Real Housewives of New York jump the shark? Was it when Bethenny left the show? Was it when Sonja ran around her own cocktail party sans pants? Did it jump the shark? We're still watching, with relative fascination. (It can be hard to look away sometimes.) But the Countess divorced the Count, The Single One is now a married millionaire, and Jill Zarin ... well, she's still Jill Zarin, but she can't do this forever. Wethinks Bravo may have pushed this cast to its drunken, bankrupt, logical conclusion. Bring on the next round. [Page Six/NYP]