Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Bradley Cooper Discuss How Pretty Bradley Cooper Is


Bradley Cooper stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to straighten out all those Bill Clinton/The Hangover Part II rumors and to debate with the host exactly how handsome he is, to Cooper's chagrin. They even argue over who has cuter eyes. (We'll have to take their word for it; this is a pretty small screen.) Clearly the actor is uncomfortable accepting his good looks, telling Ellen she's "CA-RAY-ZEE!" for saying he's as hot as Rob Lowe. In an attempt to convince Ellen once and for all that he's totally fug, he confesses he was mistaken for a girl when he was young. "That's because you're so pretty!" says Ellen. And Bradley's all, Bah! I dunno! Okay, we get it! There's more of this handsome/not handsome debate in this clip. Take a look.