Jay-Z and Kanye's Watch the Throne Has Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and French Ambience


The original February release date for Jay-Z and Kanye's collaborative album Watch the Throne has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the dudes are slacking: The most recent news is they're holed up in Paris, laboring away. Says the producer Bangladesh: "I was requested to come out there and just give a little insight on the album and give them a beat or two and add and create with 'Ye, which was a big honor. It's never a guarantee until that time comes, but the track I left [Kanye] with, he was very satisfied with.' (And, from what Bangladesh has heard, "Shit is dope!") Also rumored to be on the docket: an upcoming single called "Lift Off," co-produced by Kanye and Jeff Bhasker (who prematurely tweeted about it) featuring Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. This is the kind of thing you wait patiently for. [MTV]