Weinsteins’ Remake of Seven Samurai Won’t Actually Include Samurai


They're really going through with this, huh? Variety reports that the Weinstein Company has hired a director to remake the Akira Kurosawa classic Seven Samurai: Scott Mann, who made the 2009 action film The Tournament, which starred Ving Rhames and Robert Carlyle. What's more, the reinvented Samurai won't even include any samurai, as it's been modernized and the main characters are now paramilitary contractors in Thailand. Sure, at this point the Weinsteins could easily give the project its own name and call it an homage to the earlier film instead of a remake (like the countless films that have been inspired by the 1954 original, including The Magnificent Seven), but where's the cinephile-angering fun in that? [Variety]