What Show Are You Getting Divorced From?


Now that finale time is drawing to a close (stragglers House and Cougar Town finish up this week), and we have a rough idea of what schedules will look like next season, it's time for some hard truths: What show are you getting divorced from after this season, and on what grounds? How I Met Your Mother? (We just grew apart — I was growing up, but it never did.) The Office? (We thought the baby would make us stronger, but ... it just didn't work like that.) Grey's Anatomy? (The magic was just gone, and even though it seemed like we were on the right track again, it turns out we weren't.) The Killing? (We were just spinning our wheels; it was too depressing.) Chuck? (It's amicable — we burned bright, but we burned out.) Glee? (It was so exciting at first, but it seemed like it was always chasing younger and younger people ... ) Bring on the irreconcilable differences and fess up: What shows are getting the boot? Which ones will get a trial separation, and which ones are being served with papers as we speak?