Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘For Good’ Best?


We did it, guys! We made it through another season of Glee. Last night's finale saw the New Directions once again getting within Bedazzling distance of their goals only to see them vanish at the last second. But it's okay! Because they got the tiniest trophy in the world! While nothing from last night's episode made our list of ten best/five worst Glee performances of season two, that's no reason not to honor it with one final "Who Did it Best?" Today we've selected Kurt and Rachel's heartfelt performance of the Wicked tear-jerker, "For Good." Against them, we've pitted a handful of children (Little Abbey Umali and the Boston Children's Chorus), an Internet sensation, and two B-list pop stars. Think long and hard about this: Will you deny Kurt and Rachel the win here, too?

As Performed By

Delta Goodrem & LeAnn Rhimes

There's an Eddie Cibrian joke in here somewhere ...

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Abbey Umali

That's the most dignified high chair we've ever seen.

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Boston Children's Chorus

We were once in a children's chorus, and let's just say, these guys are lucky they don't have to wear red cummerbunds.

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Sam Tsui & Nick Pitera

Sam Tsui also could have been in nearly any other Who Did It Best? post. Congratulations, Sam. You have saturated the Internet!

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David Archuleta

Pre-Idol. He would never play a venue this small now.

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Kurt & Rachel

Felons, yes, but very talented felons.