A Little Bit of Neil Patrick Harris Goes a Long Way


Even if you haven't seen Book of Mormon eight times yet, you might tune into Sunday's Tony Awards for its host, Mr. Neil Patrick Harris. So what can we expect from him? "I haven't rehearsed that much," he admits to the Hollywood Reporter. "Hosting the Tonys is an easy fit for me ... and I'm wary of performing too much. I don't want it to seem that I'm trying to win people over. I shouldn't be the show, just facilitate the show. I don't want to get to the saturation point. A little bit of me goes a long way." Fear not; the show'll still be edgy, he promises: "They're struggling right now to see what number they can put in the show from Book of Mormon. If it doesn't get by the censors in the end, I can see myself announcing, 'Please stand by for two minutes while we black out.' It should be the edgiest Tonys for a while." [HR]