Abed From Community Handicaps the Best Comedy Emmy


Variety got Community's Dan Harmon or one of his subordinates to write them a column about this year's Best Comedy Emmy contenders in Abed's voice, and we learn some things. For one, Abed doesn't watch what he considers this year's favorites: The Big C, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock, and Big Bang Theory. Why he doesn't watch them is unclear. Are we missing something? Doesn't he watch everything? More in line with the character: "My friend Shirley says a magazine said Parks and Rec is the 'smartest comedy on TV' (yet another insult to a much smarter sitcom with which I am intimately acquainted … starts with a 'C,' ends with 'ougar Town')." Awesome! And if that's not enough for you Communimanicas, Dan Harmon has gone and given the AV Club a ridiculously thorough (four part!) interview about the show's second season. Enjoy. [Variety]