Amy Winehouse Cancels Part of European Tour After Disastrous Belgrade Concert


That whole Amy Winehouse comeback? Well, it's not off to a very good start. Last night in Belgrade, the singer completely bombed her concert in front of 20,000 fans. Serbian media has savaged the singer with Blic calling it "the worst in the history of Belgrade." After starting an hour late, Winehouse was jeered by fans as she bumbled through her set, dropping her microphone and occasionally wandering offstage, leaving her band to continue on in her absence. Not really the best way to start a twelve-date tour.

With the show going as bad as it did, it should come as no surprise that Winehouse's representatives announced today that part of the twelve-date tour would be canceled. "Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfill these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home," a released statement said. The canceled dates are in Istanbul and Athens. The tour is set to resume on July 8.

Was the performance as bad as everyone says? Watch the beginning to find out for yourself: