Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy May Co-star in the Next Bridesmaids-Inspired Project


Bridesmaids' box-office success has already resulted in the development of this new Melissa McCarthy comedy, scripted by Bridesmaids Annie Mumolo, in which McCarthy attempts to steal the Stanley Cup for her ailing husband. There's also, less directly, Reese Witherspoon's Who Invited Her?, which may portend a string of raunchier Bridesmaids-like wedding movies. And the latest: a Paul Feig–directed, Judd Apatow–produced comedy about a man who becomes obsessed with a woman. Deadline reports that the templates for the roles are Bridesmaids' Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm, although that doesn't mean these two are attached to the project yet. And, looking ahead: How about that Bridesmaids sequel? [Deadline]