Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer


I appreciate the level of commitment that went into Andy Samberg’s Shark Week hosting gig; it sounded like he truly spent an inordinate amount of time surrounded by his flesh-eating costars. “My buddy John Solomon, who’s a director and a writer at SNL came with me,” Samberg explained to EW. “We were doing a bunch of wrap-arounds for the show, and I’d been floating there in the water, and I was like, ‘Okay, I think we got that. Should we chum the water and get some sharks over here?’ And everyone on the boat kinda looked down, kinda looked away, like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we should, um, get some sharks over here,’” Samberg recalls. “It turned out that there had been huge sharks all around me the entire time, and I just hadn’t realized it because they were under the water.”  Says Samberg, “They were definitely dumping tons of bloody meat into the water all around me. I knew that they needed to do it to get the sharks over there, but there’s also a part of me that was like, have you guys heard of Photoshop? Like, we live in an era where you don’t have to actually do this. But I guess they’re purists over at Discovery.” Photoshop also drastically reduces the likelihood of someone’s limbs being torn away from their body, and isn’t that secretly why we’re all watching anyway?