Twilight: Breaking Dawn Trailer: Consummate Your Love


Summit debuted the dramatic first trailer for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, although the video leaked a few hours early. The film is based on the (sort of) controversial fourth novel in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series — the one in which the long-drawn-out anticipation between lovers Bella and Edward reaches its climax. So to speak. The one in which the action really takes off. You might say. You get it — spoiler — the two main characters have pillow-biting sex, after three books of emotional foreplay. The trailer doesn't disappoint: Bella (Kristen Stewart) is getting married, and everyone's reacting. Taylor Lautner is so distraught over the nuptials that he feels the need to rip off his shirt and start sprinting through the rain, his muscles pulsing with animalistic rage. Meanwhile, Rob Pattinson can barely keep a straight face as the bride heads his way. Then comes the honeymoon: The couple makes passionate love near an open window. If the GIFS already spreading around the Internet are any indication of what's to come, director Bill Condon may have pulled off the highly anticipated sex scene. Alas, Bella is left dealing with the consequences of vampire sex, and we're left waiting until November 18 to see this thing in full.