New Captain America Trailer: Brooklyn Boy Gets Buff, Makes Good


In an age where New York's most ironic hipsters settle down in Brooklyn, there's something a little delicious about the fact that in the new Captain America trailer, Steve Rogers triumphantly cites his Brooklyn bona fides as evidence of his square, all-American authenticity. Then again, modern-day Brooklynites would probably prefer the first half of this trailer, where a CG-shrunken Chris Evans plays Rogers as a slender reed; after the super-soldier experiment turns Rogers into a giant bodybuilder, is there any way he'd be able to fit into skinny jeans again? (He does cut a striking superhero swath in period denim, though.) Frankly, we prefer the first half of this trailer, too, since the early material on view looks like fun, and even Tommy Lee Jones seems to be having a good time! It's the latter stuff that has us a little bit apprehensive, and it's not because of Evans's big bulk or even Red Skull's questionable makeup job — it's our fear that Marvel will cram too much Avengers-related material into what looks like a perfectly promising origin story. Let's hope that they cool it a little with the franchise setup and give us room to believe in America all on our own.