Celebrity Rehab Sums Itself Up in Two Harrowing Minutes


Last night's season premiere of Celebrity Rehab had a brief segment that perfectly encapsulated the series as a whole. Former Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson checks in to deal with his steroid abuse, and within minutes the show veers from the ha-ha-how-crazy to the holy-God-this-is-heartbreaking.

Jackson brings a water filtration system with him to rehab because he believes that bottled water is "linked to" bisexuality, which seems pretty bonkers if relatively benign — people believe all kinds of dumb stuff! — until moments later, when he rattles off the grocery list of steroids he uses. If Dr. Drew looks taken aback by how many drugs you're taking, you've got a serious, serious problem. The segment is right on that weird line that Celebrity Rehab walks, between snuff film and socially acceptable Schadenfreude.