Chris Brown and Justin Bieber Angstily Dance Their Way Through the Apocalypse


A rough cut leaked a few weeks back, but now the final version of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's music video for "Next 2 You" is here. Are you shrieking right now? Of course you are. What other response would be appropriate for a landmark collaboration between the nation's two leading teen heartthrobs? Thankfully, the video-makers have understood the gravity of the situation and have produced footage that is appropriately bonkers. We start off with Bieber and Breezy, and their respective love interests; then, some kind of disaster strikes, the world starts splitting in half, and our heroes have to rescue their girls. At one point, Chris sees his lady. She's on the ground and appears to be in some trouble. They make eye contact, she mouths "I love you," she dies, then Brown jumps into an abyss. Right after, there's a really big, tortured dance number. Other things that come to mind: Are the "oh na na" backing vocals in any way a reference to Rihanna's similar-sounding "What's My Name?" Is it weird that Bieber gets to end the video, even though he's just the guest performer, by kissing his woman? And is Justin teaming up with Chris at all controversial, or are the Beliebers totally onboard with Brown?