FDNY Shows Up to Extinguish Minor Fire at Courtney Love’s Townhouse


A small fire broke out at Courtney Love’s West Village townhouse on Thursday, the New York Times reports. Thankfully, Love is as fine as she was before: The blaze began on the fourth floor of her West 10th Street abode — "probably started by a candle next to the curtains" — but Love managed to extinguish it herself by the time firemen showed up. With "a male occupant" in her home at the time, Love had placed the 911 call herself, at around 1:52 a.m. We're not doubting the severity of the situation. Perhaps she was afraid. Or perhaps she wanted to get in "Page Six." Or perhaps she just wanted a fleet of firemen to show up to her townhouse at 2 a.m., and if she didn't do exactly what she wanted when she wanted, she would not be Courtney Love. [City Room/NYT]