Damon Albarn Drops New Opera Jam


Next month, Damon Albarn premieres Dr. Dee, his latest opera (Monkey: A Journey to the West came in 2008), at the Manchester International Festival. And maybe you're thinking, Great, Albarn's putzing around again, fulfilling all his far-flung musical ambitions. But what about us normal folk who just want to hear straightforward guitar-rock, possibly in the guise of reunited Blur? Well, Damon's got something for you: "Apple Carts," a track from Dee, was premiered on BBC political program The Andrew Marr Show (of course) over the weekend via a somber live acoustic performance, and it's certainly not unrecognizable to the type of people who wouldn't know their [famous opera performer] from their [something pedestrian that sounds like name of famous opera performer]. It's a bit stiff and dramatic, sure, and a chorus would, as always, be nice, but as far as songs from operas about infamous sixteenth-century royal-court alchemists go, this one knocks.

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