Debbie Reynolds Gives Up on Long-Held Dream of Founding a Museum for Her Stuff


Hollywood legend and glorified hoarder Debbie Reynolds is finally getting rid of the awesome film memorabilia she's collected over the years. Reynolds's personal collection of stuff includes Marilyn Monroe's white halter "subway" dress, Claudette Colbert's boudoir gown from Cleopatra, Charlie Chaplin's signature hat, and Greta Garbo's dress from Anna Karenina, among 5,000 other vintage costumes, props, cameras, letters, and other things from "Hollywood's Golden Age," according to the L.A. Times. After decades of trying to lure investors into building an L.A. museum to house all of her belongings, Reynolds is just auctioning it off this Saturday. "I am really sick and tired of it," she admitted. "Over the years, I have literally spent millions of dollars protecting it and taking care of it. If you were me, wouldn't you give up after 35 years?" Altogether, the stuff is expected to go for between $4 million and $6 million. So, yes. If we were her, we'd probably have sold it a long time ago, at well below market value. [LAT]